Knights moved to kdereview

Miha Čančula miha.cancula at
Fri Sep 24 21:07:31 BST 2010

I'm sorry I wasn't subscribed to kde-core-devel, so here's the indirect reply to Albert's comment. First, thanks for taking a look. 

> You have i18n calls in proto/*.cpp files but your ignores them.
They were added, even before I read this, by 

>    foreach ( const Pos& pos, pieces.keys() ) // krazy:exclude=foreach
>    {
>        addPiece ( pieces[pos].second, pieces[pos].first, pos );
>    }
>is a super slow construct and krazy was telling you not to do that. Please 
>move it to an iterator based loop so that it is much faster
I have fixed this, I wasn't aware that QMap::iterator also had a key() method, I thought they were only for values. Thanks for making me double-check :)
>The same applies for
>./rules/chessrules.cpp:71:  foreach ( const Pos& pos, m_grid->keys() )
>./rules/chessrules.cpp:315: foreach ( const Pos& attackingPos, grid->keys() )
Also fixed.

>You are using libkdegames so you should load libkdegames message catalog, see 
>other games on how to do it.
Just committed, thank you.

>Also knights fails to start here, can't find themes and crashes after lots of
>knights(6193)/libkdegames KGameRendererPrivate::setTheme: Theme change failed: 
>Desktop file broken
>knights(6193)/libkdegames KGameTheme::load: Refusing to load theme with no 
>knights(6193)/libkdegames KGameRenderer::setTheme: Setting theme: "default"
>knights(6193)/libkdegames KGameTheme::load: Attempting to load .desktop at ""
I will look into it. 

>Other KGameTheme based games like kmines work.


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