why kdelibs?

Keith Rusler xzekecomax at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 15:52:51 BST 2010

KDE has an awesome amount of libraries and classes to work with. A mass
amount of developers that are very talented with their skills. Qt has an
advantage over KDE, that is the portability. While KDE4 has started to
target Windows, Mac OS X, it is a pain right now. It's only due to the lack
of helping hands in these areas. But, this will change the more KDE
gets recognised on those platforms and what not.

The many advantages of KDE has others have mentioned already. Is the KDE's
localisation, Kross, KTextEditor, KParts, KIO, KActions, KStandardActions,
KXmlGuiWindow, etc. I'm happy with my application being developed with KDE.
In my honest opinion, would love to see KDE get more used but I don't know
much semantics behind it to get that to happen. KDE has made development a
lot more easier. Also, the build system is much better than it previously
was with Autotools. KDE makes it a lot more easier with CMake. While you can
use Qt with CMake, it is a little more difficult due to missing
functionality that KDE only has in theirs that will automatically make the
Windows icon, installing to specific directories, etc. Let's not forget
about automoc.
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