why kdelibs?

Jaime jtamate at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 10:29:20 BST 2010

2010/10/28 Pau Garcia i Quiles <pgquiles at elpauer.org>

> My proposal (for the future) is this: let's have many libraries, with
> as less ties among them as possible. For instance, why can't we have
> the units library, the kholidays library, etc as entirely standalone
> libraries, with minimum ties to anything else?
> This is something I love of kdelibs, I only have to checkout 2 modules
(kdesupport and kdelibs), instead of thousands of independent modules (even
if there are programs to checkout all of them, but in a predefined way that
does not match my preferences).

If we (KDE) can make them modular (to be able to deploy them alone), and at
the same time keep them together, it will be perfect (from my point of

Something like elibc have done for glibc. or uclib (nano clib) did.
Something like linux has with 'make menuconfig'.

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