why kdelibs?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sat Oct 30 17:11:39 BST 2010

On Friday 29 October 2010, Keith Rusler wrote:
> KDE has an awesome amount of libraries and classes to work with. A mass
> amount of developers that are very talented with their skills. Qt has an
> advantage over KDE, that is the portability. While KDE4 has started to
> target Windows, Mac OS X, it is a pain right now. It's only due to the lack
> of helping hands in these areas. But, this will change the more KDE
> gets recognised on those platforms and what not.
> The many advantages of KDE has others have mentioned already. Is the KDE's
> localisation, Kross, KTextEditor, KParts, KIO, KActions, KStandardActions,
> KXmlGuiWindow, etc. I'm happy with my application being developed with KDE.
> In my honest opinion, would love to see KDE get more used but I don't know
> much semantics behind it to get that to happen. KDE has made development a
> lot more easier. Also, the build system is much better than it previously
> was with Autotools. KDE makes it a lot more easier with CMake. While you
> can use Qt with CMake, it is a little more difficult due to missing
> functionality that KDE only has in theirs that will automatically make the
> Windows icon, installing to specific directories, etc. Let's not forget
> about automoc.

Automoc can be used independent from KDE:


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