why kdelibs?

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On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Chani <chanika at gmail.com> wrote:

> When I was at DevDays, I noticed that while people were very enthusiastic
> about Qt, I was getting a sort of "qt is all you need" vibe at times - a
> fine
> sentiment for promoting qt, but then, what about kdelibs?
> And then I realized: what *about* kdelibs? I had no idea how to tell anyone
> why they should use the kde platform, what advantages it would bring. Hell,
> at
> this point I'm not even sure what's *in* kdelibs, or what the KDE Platform
> is.
> After a quick skim of community.kde.org, I'm just as lost.
> So I ask you: Why kdelibs? Why the KDE Platform? I *know* that we have all
> kinds of awesome in there, but what is it and why should people use it?

Maybe ask the other way around you could ask "Why not kdelibs?".

There are certainly lots of advantages that you can get when building on top
of kdelibs. Using kdelibs is fine as long as you want to run an application
on a KDE desktop on Linux. The problems appear when you are also targeting
other plattform like e.g. Windows. On Windows kdelibs is more burden than
than help. Things like KIO are nice but I could live without them if we
could get applications (like Krita in my case) to run with less troubles on
these plattforms.

I know there is work to change the mobile situation, but that also was/is a
problem. The FreOffice version of KOffie did use a custom minimal kdelibs to
work around that.
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