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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Oct 4 18:23:31 BST 2010

On Monday, October 4, 2010, Jörg Ehrichs wrote:
> > it would probably also make a lot of sense to add all of that dbus-ery
> > into the hotplug dataengine. this is, after all, one more hot plug item,
> > and that would allow any widget to easily get at the information (not to
> > mention immediately make your config widget remotable :)
> Is there any example I can have a look at on how to implement this?

other than the Plasma::DataEngine apidox, not really. basically, assuming that 
the issues with regards to portability and future-proofing raised by others is 
sorted out, it should end up being implemented in the hotplug DataEngine so 
that a tablet looks like any other source.

> api.kde.org has just a few things about the HotPlug Engine,

it's not a library, so i wouldn't expect apidox there :)

> but it does
> look more like that it is connected to solid which isn't implemented for
> my case "yet".

that's an implementation detail. plasmoids shouldn't care about such things, 
just that these are items that are hotplugged (along with potential actions 
that can be taken on their behalf, if any; in this case there wouldn't be). in 
other words the DataEngine hides these discrepencies from plasmoids, making 
them easier to write as a result and more future proof: if/when Solid get 
tablet support, the DataEngine might change internally but none of the 
plasmoids using it will need to be touched.

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