Wacomtablet moved to kdereview

Jörg Ehrichs Joerg.Ehrichs at gmx.de
Mon Oct 4 08:55:15 BST 2010

Hi Aaron,

thanks for the long review. :)
Most things are implemented now.

But I have a few questions left.

> it would probably also make a lot of sense to add all of that dbus-ery into
> the hotplug dataengine. this is, after all, one more hot plug item, and
> that would allow any widget to easily get at the information (not to
> mention immediately make your config widget remotable :)

Is there any example I can have a look at on how to implement this?
api.kde.org has just a few things about the HotPlug Engine, but it does look 
more like that it is connected to solid which isn't implemented for my case 

> also looking at the DBus service, realize that this:
>        foreach(const Solid::Device &device, Solid::Device::allDevices()) {
> is probably very slow (many seconds) on most systems that will have a
> tablet connected to them. i would instead greatly recommend that you
> instead use:
> 	Solid::Device::listFromType(<type>)
> if at all possible. since this is expected to go into kded, such things are
> fairly important as any stoppages cause everything to stop due to the
> single- thread design.

I'll try to get a <type> for the tablets working into solid, this was on my 
TODO list anyway. :)

> p.s. it was moderately confusing at first to see that TabletApplet was not
> the Plasma::Applet at all, and that WacomTabletSettings was actully the
> Plasma::Applet. the settings are actually in TabletApplet, in fact. :)

It was the first time I used the plasma part and for my the actual applet was 
just the part visible to the enduser. That's the reason it ended up the way it 
is now. :) 

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