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My apologies, I am trying to add a function to create a KSqueezedTextLabel and edit it's properties (eg. font, alignment, etc).
I am adding onto:

There is a function called createlabel() which is right at the very bottom of the cpp file, but I need to make a second, similar function that creates a KSqueezedTextLabel and makes it maximum width fixed.
I have added my new function header (called 'createKSqueezedLabel') under "private:" within the renamedialog class in the header file
I don't think I am breaking and guidelines (thank you, Alex for the link), but I just want to make sure as this is my first time contributing.

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> Subject: Re: New function within KIO
> Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 18:51:58 -0700
> On Friday, October 1, 2010, Steven Sroka wrote:
> > This is my first time contributing to KDE and I would like to know if I
> > could edit a library by adding in a new function - which of course I would
> > have to add the function header into the header file as well. How easy is
> > this to do under KDE guidelines? It is a private function that is to only
> > to be called by the specific source file I cam working on (and in fact I
> > have already added it to the list private functions in the header file).
> this is all a bit vague; if you can share the patch (via 
> preferably, though not required) that may make it easier to answer.
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