New function within KIO

Alex Merry kde at
Sat Oct 2 18:35:24 BST 2010

On Saturday 02 October 2010 13:26:29 Steven Sroka wrote:
> There is a function called createlabel() which is right at the very bottom
> of the cpp file, but I need to make a second, similar function that creates
> a KSqueezedTextLabel and makes it maximum width fixed. I have added my new
> function header (called 'createKSqueezedLabel') under "private:" within the
> renamedialog class in the header file I don't think I am breaking and
> guidelines (thank you, Alex for the link), but I just want to make sure as
> this is my first time contributing.

Firstly, please don't top-post: write your reply under what you are replying 
to.  It makes it easier for people to follow the thread of conversation.

If this is a function that will be called by code outside renamedialog.cpp, 
you cannot make it a private function, and you will be adding API to KIO.  In 
this case, we have to consider whether the function is really necessary, how 
many users it will have etc.

If you want the function purely to implement some feature in RenameDialog, and 
it will be called only from renamedialog.cpp, you should instead almost 
certainly add it to RenameDialogPrivate.

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