removal of KWhatsThisManager?

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Fri May 14 22:25:44 BST 2010

Am Friday 14 May 2010 schrieb Hugo Pereira Da Costa:
> To jump on that, and because we discussed it recently in #oxygen,
> the appearance of what's this dialogs is _ugly_ (what the hell is this
> patterned shadow ?) 
pre-composite way to handle things
(popups had them as well :-)

> and not stylable (the QWhatsThat::paintEvent method is
> 100% hard coded and makes no access to the widget style() at all.

you could probably check for "widget->isWindow() && widget-
>inherits("QWhatsThat")" and set an own palette (this time with 
glossy/gradient/texture brush ;-) but it's frankly simply not worth it :-P

If one really (really!) needs to hint "what's this" i'd recommand to
a) review your UI (have a look at the Qt API sample: "open file" toolbutton..)
b) add a tooltip and remove it after being shown 4 or 5 times.

I do not think KDE applications should make any use of this.

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