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Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Fri May 14 20:47:02 BST 2010

On Friday 14 May 2010, Michael Pyne wrote:
> On Thursday, May 13, 2010 15:29:57 Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> > On Thursday 13 May 2010 18:50:53 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > On May 13, 2010, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> > > > I should probably file a bug report for this: Web shortcuts
> > > > never worked for me in KRunner (currently using 4.4.2 on
> > > > openSUSE 11.2). When I type "gg:test" nothing happens. KRunner
> > > > simply sits there showing no runners to chose from. In
> > > > Konqueror web shortcuts work.
> > > 
> > > first ensure that the webshortcuts runner is enabled in the
> > > krunner config diaog.

Check. (Of course, I had checked this already multiple times before.)

> > > if it is, then something pretty odd/interesting is happening on
> > > your system since it works for others very reliably. maybe put
> > > some debug into
> > > kdebase/workspace/plasma/generic/runners/webshorcuts/webshortcutr
> > > unner.c pp in the match method.
> > 
> > I have the same problem on two computers but not on my main desktop
> > PC. My main desktop has four cores, the other two have one. Maybe
> > that is the important difference?
> Also make sure that those particular web shortcuts are enabled in
> Konqueror.

Check. (I had checked this also already multiple times before.)

> Somehow a few of the ones I use all the time (including gg:) got
> disabled in the Web Shortcuts KCM. Konqueror apparently ignores that
> and so they still worked, but the web shortcut runner doesn't and
> therefore ignored those prefixes.

Same here. Enabling them didn't help though.

Maybe it's a problem with config migration. I migrated straight from 3.5 
to 4.4 beta 1.

Hmm, I had a quick look at 

WebshortcutRunner::loadDelimiter() loads the KeywordDelimiter from 

    m_delimiter = generalgroup.readEntry("KeywordDelimiter", 

Obviously, it assumes this delimiter to be a character with ':' being 
the default. But my kuriikwsfilterrc contains

Of course, 58 is the ASCII code of ':'.

Looking for other parties interested in KeywordDelimiter I found

in kdelibs/khtml/khtml_ext.cpp:
  const char keywordDelimiter = cg.readEntry("KeywordDelimiter", 

in kdebase/runtime/kurifilter-plugins/ikws/kuriikwsfiltereng.cpp:
  m_cKeywordDelimiter = QString(group.readEntry("KeywordDelimiter", 

in kdebase/runtime/kurifilter-plugins/ikws/ikwsopts.cpp:
  QString delimiter = group.readEntry ("KeywordDelimiter", ":");
  group.writeEntry("KeywordDelimiter", QString(delimiter() ));

in kdebase/runtime/kurifilter-plugins/tests/kurifiltertest.cpp:
  cfg.writeEntry( "KeywordDelimiter", QString(s_delimiter) );

Either khtml_ext is wrong or all other users of KeywordDelimiter are 

The following fixed the problem for me:
kwriteconfig --file kuriikwsfilterrc --group General --key 
KeywordDelimiter ':'

I wonder what will break now due to the wrong code in khtml_ext.cpp.

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