About the KRunner webshortcut plugin...

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at cornell.edu
Fri May 14 21:17:28 BST 2010

<snip nice detective work>

> Conclusion:
> Either khtml_ext is wrong or all other users of KeywordDelimiter are
> wrong.
> The following fixed the problem for me:
> kwriteconfig --file kuriikwsfilterrc --group General --key
> KeywordDelimiter ':'
> I wonder what will break now due to the wrong code in khtml_ext.cpp.

It's used for the context menu on selection that lets one use search
providers on it (not a big fan of how that works, though... or how the add
search engine feature works, though -- every place seems to be reading and
writing config files by hand...). It's easy enough to change, of course,
and I guess the config file migration is the bigger issue -- should we
kconf_update that or something?

Also, some history:

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