removal of KWhatsThisManager?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Fri May 14 19:15:08 BST 2010

A Divendres, 14 de maig de 2010, Aaron J. Seigo va escriure:
> hi everyone ...
> KWhatsThisManager was introduced in 2004 as a way to hopefully get some of
> our users contributing back whatsthis help entries by showing a helpful
> "there is no content, if you'd like to provide some content, click here"
> which then spawns an email that the person may fill in. neat idea.
> i don't know how successful it's been, but sometimes people do click on it
> and try to help out, as can be seen here:
> unfortunately, the email address it uses bounces. i just tried myself and
> apparently it goes to kde-usability-issues at which no longer exists.
> the question i have is: do we want to maintain this service? if so, it
> needs to be made more robust and that email needs to go somewhere. and i
> could probably just file a sysadmin bug to get that hooked up somewhere...
> but the question is: where?
> personally, i don't think it's worth maintaining. why?
> * it installs a global event filter on the qApp as soon as you create a
> KDialog or KMainWindow
> * for applications that are not written by the core KDE community, there is
> really very little we can do with the submissions, and we're now getting
> complaints about this on kde-devel
> * i'm not sure it's the most elegant thing to show a bunch of "no
> content..", "no content.." messages to people; given that we still have
> such widgets all over the place in KDE, i don't think this idea has
> actually worked out
> * it's obviously not being overly well maintained at the moment :)
> so, unless there are any objections, i will remove KWhatsThisManager from
> kdeui (thankfully it's a private class).

Afair you only get it with debug builds, so i don't see it being a problem, we 
just need it to send things to somewhere people actually read them, and maybe 
only enabling them for those program whose kaboutdata bug report address is 
our bugzilla.


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