Review Request: Add a confirmation window when emptying the trash

todd rme toddrme2178 at
Tue Mar 30 18:48:28 BST 2010

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 10:19 AM, Arno Rehn <kde-devel at> wrote:
> I'd keep the a 3-step way to delete files permanently, though I would move the
> confirmation dialog to a different place.
> I'd let the user move files to the trash without a confirmation dialog at all,
> because moving a file to the trash can be undone.
> Emptying the trash however is a permanent action which you could just hit
> accidentially (that happened to me a few times, even though I didn't want
> to..).
> So I'd rather have a confirmation before emptying the trash, but not before
> moving a file there. That's similar then to directly deleting a file
> permanently. Before something permanent happens, you are asked whether you
> really want to do that.

I still think the new 4-step method is better, considering it is
really two sets of two steps separated by a long period of time.  It
is easy enough to disable one or both dialogs permanently at any point
with two clicks, so I really don't see it being very obtrusive for
those who don't want it.


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