Review Request: Add a confirmation window when emptying the trash

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Mon Mar 29 19:40:39 BST 2010

On Monday 29 March 2010, Nicolas Lécureuil wrote:
> > On 2010-03-29 14:55:47, Tom Albers wrote:
> > > Why is this needed? It is emptying the trash, so the user deleted
> > > the stuff first already. I see no need for another confirmation
> > > and another dialog. It is already a 2 step action to delete
> > > something permanently.
> This is a security, because emptying a trash is not an actions w/o
> consequences and the user can have asked to not beeing warned when
> deleting files. We use an "Don't ask me again" option so the window
> isn't shown anymore if this annoy the user.
> I think this is a usuability improvement.

I fully agree. All destructive, irreversible actions have to be 
protected by a confirmation dialog.

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