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Tue Mar 2 17:55:40 GMT 2010

On March 2, 2010, David Jarvie wrote:
> On Tue, March 2, 2010 4:09 pm, Tom Albers wrote:
> > In all this discussions, my biggest problem is the complete focus on the
> > technical issues and the complete lack of solutions for the impact of the
> > community it will have. But I've played this record before a couple of
> > times, so I'll stop now.
> I agree. Having played with git, I haven't found it an easy thing to use
> for real. In addition to the guide to git commands, the techbase tutorials
> need to include such things as:

please go to the git documentation section on techbase, pointed to from the 
"moving to git" project page, and add these questions to the appropriate 

with the questions in hand, we can push people who know the answers to write 
them down.

without questions in hand, the people who know will take it for granted that 
everyone else knows them as well.

so help us help you by contributing to those techbase pages, even if it's just 
topics/questions that need to be covered.

> This sort of thing will be really important for reducing developer time
> spent on the switch, and might help prevent some people giving up
> altogether. This documentation needs to be in a good state BEFORE the
> switch to git.

if we say this must be done BEFORE the switch, we will never switch. because 
the people who need the information are sitting there not doing anything, and 
the people who have the information are getting impatient and moving over 

there are lots of technical issues to be worked out for the switch, and having 
a blocker on documentation is just a great excuse to not work on those 
technical issues.

so let's not view this as a blocker to the switch, but something we do in 
parallel to it and because we all need it.

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