kcm_tablet - KDE Wacom tablet management

Jörg Ehrichs Joerg.Ehrichs at gmx.de
Tue Mar 2 08:00:30 GMT 2010

Am Dienstag, 2. März 2010 00:58:23 schrieb Christoph Feck:
> I have not tried the new version yet (maybe you remember me with the Tablet
> PC detection problems :) but I am all for having it in KDE. Maybe it is
> even possible to combine gesture recognitition with touch screen setup, so
> that we are not forced to use Apples patented gestures, but allow the user
> to freely define them.

As far as I understand the gesture recognition in KDE it is based on mouse 
input. Shouldn't be any difference if this comes from the stylus or the mouse 
to work correctly. If there is anything I can do to improve this. I'm glad to 
do it.

> There are fairly big changes coming to Wacom support in xorg, namely the
> linuxwacom project will die, and xorg will get its own driver. As long as
> you are willing to maintain it at least until the transition is made, I
> see no problem having it in KDE.

This won't be a show stopper at all. I will maintain this package for a long 

> Since this is a tool with limited user base, it should be possible to
> optionally build and install it (probably mostly packaging foo).

Right now I like to have this in kdebase-workspace. So I guess it will be 
installed by default on any system. Isn't it just a packaging issue and thus 
"just" the decision of the distribution to install it by default or not?
If I need to change something code or location wise I like to hear it.

> A single issue strikes me: the images folder. I am not sure if is needed to
> have images of all the different tablets. The folder adds a lot space to
> the package size. Either the one the user has connected is supported, or
> it is not. Simply showing the Oxygen tablet icon is enough IMHO.

This is an bigger issue yes. Most images are just fancy gimmicks and can be 
removed without any harm. There are also images of the button layout that 
indicate which button on the tablet is called "Button 1" or "Button 8".
If you have any better idea how to help the user to find out what button he has 
to define I could remove the other images as well.
(Right now the images don't have any numbers on it either, which does mean 
they are a bit pointless as well and I never get any complains about it. I 
might just see a problem that does not exist)

> And what is the source/legal status of the images?

Good question. Sadly I have no idea. The images are from the Gnome version of 
this config module. This might be a problem I never thought about it before.


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