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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon Mar 1 22:45:44 GMT 2010

On March 1, 2010, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 01.03.10 12:54:34, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > On March 1, 2010, Chani wrote:
> > > -one of the blocker tasks is, uh, rather large. humongous, in fact. we
> > > could really, *really* use more volunteers for the svn2git rules.
> > 
> > yes, this is the key issue, isn't it?
> > 
> > here's the problem though: it is documented sufficiently.
> I guess you mean in-sufficiently here.
> > there are wiki pages on that are not linked to anywhere,
> > there is next to no information about how long it will take, what i
> > should be looking for to know i've ahieved success (and what "success"
> > is). essentially, i have no way of knowing how to get started, how to
> > target a specific module or how to know i've done something useful.
> > 
> > this must be fixed ASAFP. can someone who has done one of the other
> > modules please document the process completely and thoroughly on
> > techbase (NOT!) so that others can help out?
> Any suggestions where to put or structure it?

i've started a really simple outline here:

and linked to it from:

feel free to completely mangle the UsingSvn2Git page in any way you see fit :)

> I'd gladly share the bits
> I've learned the last days writing kdevelop rules, but I'm rather bad at
> formatting that stuff (heading and bullet-lists is about all I can do).

i think that's all we need :) even plain text would be 100% better than what 
we have now.

thanks for helping with this part of it! it is so badly needed....

> Too bad its incomplete and has couple of question-marks. Especially for
> anything outside of the core-modules. For extragear it says "lets figure
> this out later, core modules are more important",

imho, extragear should move over with the core modules. core modules need to 
be figured out first however.

iow, it could be a two stage process:

* ensure the rulesets are in good order (start with core modules, move on to 
extragear modules)

* move everything (which i guess implies making svn read-only for a while and 
importing everything into the target git repo?)

> for playground
> everybody seems to be saying that the authors should do it themselves.
> Which is fine, but then those people should be allowed to move anytime
> they want as they don't seem to be seen as part of the "big move"
> anyway.

for playground, i agree.

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