Moving palapeli-goldberg-slicer to kdereview

Johannes Loehnert loehnert.kde at
Wed Jun 30 22:00:37 BST 2010


after a bit of polishing I have now moved Goldberg Slicer to kdereview. It is 
to become the new default Slicer plugin for the game Palapeli.

To get a quick overview about what it does and looks like, have a look on the 
old project page:

The intended target of the module is trunk/KDE/kdegames/palapeli/slicers. The 
matter is coordinated with Stefan Majewski, the maintainer of Palapeli ( 
fact he pulled me here by my ears...). Of course we will wait until after 4.5-
RC is branched.

I am happily looking forward to criticisms. :-) I could particularly use some 
advice with docbook - a handbook fragment is in kdereview/doc/, however it 
seems to be full of DTD violations.

@Stefan: Could you please have a look at the makefiles in kdereview? I could 
not figure out how to make it include libpala, so I decided not to mess it up.

Best regards,
 Johannes Loehnert

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