qca2 and a few other questions

Martin Sandsmark sandsmark at samfundet.no
Wed Jun 23 12:09:52 BST 2010

On Wednesday 23 June 2010 12:18:54 Marc Espie wrote:
> 3rd question: I heard that newer kde is going to switch to webkit for
> konqueror.  How does that work with phonon ? Specifically, kde-phonon is
> not part of qt4, and thus rebuilt later, which is not a problem, as kde
> does not depend on qt4's phonon.  But qt4's webkit uses phonon... our bulk
> builds could live without yet another copy of webkit.

There isn't a "Qt Phonon" and "KDE Phonon", Qt simply ships with an older 
version of Phonon than the stand-alone release.

QtWebKit has the same model, with older, and more stable, releases shipped in 
Qt in src/3rdparty, but also more up to date stand-alone releases┬╣. AFAIK.

So either just build and install Qt with its (slightly outdated but fully 
usable) Phonon and QtWebKit, or build them externally after Qt.

That aside, I heard that QtWebKit tried switching to QtMultimedia temporarily, 
but it was reverted because it caused a lot of regressions. But it might have 
gotten better now and gotten switched back, I don't follow QtWebKit 
development very closely.

┬╣: http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2010/03/03/qtwebkit-releases/

Martin Sandsmark
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