qca2 and a few other questions

Marc Espie espie at nerim.net
Wed Jun 23 11:18:54 BST 2010

Hey, long time, no write.

Good news: OpenBSD finally got gcc 4, which means kde4 is probably going to
be a part of OpenBSD 4.8.

For now, we can build all the base parts, and quite a few apps are working...
I still have to do the annoying chore of "fixing" kde3 for coexistence...

I'm busy updating all kinds of dependencies.

qca2 is causing me woes.

Specifically, the latest version as a crypto.prf file that sets up
QCA_INCDIR such that the include actually lives in

Seems that parts of kde4 (for instance, kde games / ksirc) expect it
to live in $(QCA_INCDIR)/qca.h, which leads to trouble.

Who's right ? should I change qca2 to define QCA_INCDIR properly, or should
I patch #include <qca.h> -> #include <QtCrypto/qca.h> in kdegames ?

Second question: I used to have a kde account to commit changes. It seems
it's no longer active, or maybe I lost the credentials (changed machines
twice in the meantime). Who do I contact ?

3rd question: I heard that newer kde is going to switch to webkit for 
konqueror.  How does that work with phonon ? Specifically, kde-phonon is not
part of qt4, and thus rebuilt later, which is not a problem, as kde does
not depend on qt4's phonon.  But qt4's webkit uses phonon... our bulk
builds could live without yet another copy of webkit.

Hoping kde-phonon and webkit could be built "inside" qt4... which means a
bit of qt4 build infrastructure...

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