seeking mentor. More columns in Dolphin,

Aaron Peterson myusualnickname at
Wed Jul 14 23:27:59 BST 2010

I am reading up on nepomuk then...

If nepomuk is the metadata broker, a list from nepomuk would determine
what columns to make available, putting it into a selectable form that
gives selection and order options.   Mp3 information too, running
time, author, bitrate... would also be available.

Another question/ statement tho, Shouldn't meta data be visible in
icon view? It seems that an icon could have a few rows of text under
it with meta data, also would like thumbnail to not interfere with
file-type icon.

 Details in icon view could be really cool, and It looks like it might
be possible to create globs of files based on types, or a spacial tree
view of files, where the branches occur based on meta-data.  Perhaps
chunks of files with similar names, or types could be treated as a
glob.  the QT demos show a ridiculous number of tiles moving about
freely, rearranging and such. This would be a good base for this type
of view.

I suppose the files would be queried for content conditional on
meta-type. Windows has this feature and a folder with with 1000's of
images takes a while to populate. Also there is a bit of delay when
files are being created in a folder.

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 12:40 AM, Sebastian Trüg <trueg at> wrote:
> Adding random columns to Dolphin should be fairly easy. The hard part is
> making it in a performant way. Most of the information you want to
> display is stored in Nepomuk and by default read for each item
> separately. This is of course a bad situation. One query for all
> displayed items would work much snappier. This is something that we
> could discuss in further detail though.
> My recommendation: start by implementing it the slow way (maybe by using
> a separate thread that populates the additional columns via
> Nepomuk::Resource::property() one by one).
> The only question then is: which columns to propose. You could of course
> start with a hardcoded list and later we could think of some smart way
> to get the possible metadata to show - maybe by checking all files'
> mimetype or something...
> Cheers,
> Sebastian
> On 07/13/2010 03:03 AM, Aaron Peterson wrote:
>> Hiya,
>>  I am seeking a mentor to help me get into kde development.
>> I am very excited as I now have a 4.5 branch development environment
>> partially set up, and I read a few C++ tutorials, followed a QT
>> tutorial... and have been browsing websvn.
>> I would like to be able to add columns to dolphin's details view.
>> These files seem important:
>> approx line 662
>> Specifically, I want to add image properties, like height and width,
>> md5sum.  Also I would like to be able to make the selection indicator
>> be in it's own column, rather than overlap the icon (however, hacking
>> at the icon level would work better)
>> Basically, I would like to make it very easy to add columns to a
>> detailsview. and I think the changes  would be in Kio, as a child of
>> kdirmodel, but I would like to know more.
>> --------------------------------------------
>> more hopes
>> ----------------------
>>  [I would also like to make other ways to sort files, based on last4
>> digits of filename and other things that I hacked into windows
>> explorer to make my job easier] [ This would also be helpful for
>> koffice, where items can be sorted by contents, author, and other
>> properties]
>> Also  I would like experiment with  a toggle switch to change between
>> selection and execution modes. (click a button to make it so KDE
>> doesn't try to execute or open anything in a certain directory).
>> I also want to work with accessibility features.

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