seeking mentor. More columns in Dolphin,

Sebastian TrĂ¼g trueg at
Thu Jul 15 09:39:32 BST 2010

On 07/15/2010 12:27 AM, Aaron Peterson wrote:
> If nepomuk is the metadata broker, a list from nepomuk would determine
> what columns to make available, putting it into a selectable form that
> gives selection and order options.   Mp3 information too, running
> time, author, bitrate... would also be available.

The list of available metadata varies from file to file. Certain
properties like the title of an audio file are defined on a much higher
level than audio files. Thus, it is hard if not impossible to
generically provide a list of column candidates for each file type.

An easy start would be to define your own lists for a selected group of
For example: artist, title, and length for audio files and dimensions
for image files.
Then you could check if say 90% of the listed files are audio/image
files and if so show the additional columns.

> Another question/ statement tho, Shouldn't meta data be visible in
> icon view? It seems that an icon could have a few rows of text under
> it with meta data, also would like thumbnail to not interfere with
> file-type icon.
>  Details in icon view could be really cool, and It looks like it might
> be possible to create globs of files based on types, or a spacial tree
> view of files, where the branches occur based on meta-data.  Perhaps
> chunks of files with similar names, or types could be treated as a
> glob.  the QT demos show a ridiculous number of tiles moving about
> freely, rearranging and such. This would be a good base for this type
> of view.
> I suppose the files would be queried for content conditional on
> meta-type. Windows has this feature and a folder with with 1000's of
> images takes a while to populate. Also there is a bit of delay when
> files are being created in a folder.

For file queries we already have the nepomuksearch:/ KIO slave which
allows to list results from any query to Nepomuk.
But maybe we should take it cone at a time and start with the columns.

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