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Pino Toscano pino at
Sun Jan 31 01:14:04 GMT 2010

Alle domenica 31 gennaio 2010, Alain Portal ha scritto:
> > BUt what Allen told you is that you cannot expect people to magically
> > stand up and do the job at any occasion, especially when the issue (like
> > in this case) is rather minimal compared to many others.
> I don't want anybody stand up!
> I don't want someboby doing a job!
> I just want a RFC!
> As a standard. RFC means « Request For Comment »

Didn't _I_ commented?
Didn't _Allen_ commented?

> > > [ snip French text which I understood, more or less (thanks AV
> > > babelfish) ]
> >
> > So basically you just want your "policy"
> I don't want MY policy, I suggest A policy, if I'm able to find someboby
>  who want to discuss about it :-(

Isn't _exactly_ what we were doing? Then why you expressed more ideas in 
French only, instead of following up in the thread?

> >  approved, and that's it?
> Did you understand this isn't what I wanted?

Then what you want? You requested comments, you got them.

Pino Toscano
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