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Sun Jan 31 01:08:01 GMT 2010

Le dimanche 31 janvier 2010 00:45:29, Pino Toscano a écrit :
> Hi,
> > > No, Pino gave you some ideas and help.
> >
> > ONE idea, and no help.
> Hey thanks, next time I will not spend my time trying to provide an
> alternative solution...

I'm sorry, this isn't what I want to say.
This is one reason I choose to speak french, to get a chance to be 

> > > So what's the problem?  We assume when someone posts
> > > a question like yours to this mailing list that you are also
> > > volunteering to do the work.  So just Do it, then post
> > > your patch on
> >
> > Are you serious?
> > I'm a translator, not a developer...
> If you want to expose problems, that's fine.

This is just what I wanted...

> BUt what Allen told you is that you cannot expect people to magically stand
>  up and do the job at any occasion, especially when the issue (like in this
>  case) is rather minimal compared to many others.

I don't want anybody stand up!
I don't want someboby doing a job!
I just want a RFC!
As a standard. RFC means « Request For Comment »

> > <mode language="French">
> > Basta !!!
> > Ça suffit !
> Ranting here will NOT help.

I don't understand « Ranting », and as I saied previously, this is only for 
french speaking people... with some apologies for non french speaking 

> > [ snip French text which I understood, more or less (thanks AV babelfish)
> > ]
> So basically you just want your "policy"

I don't want MY policy, I suggest A policy, if I'm able to find someboby who 
want to discuss about it :-(

> (which IMHO is just wrong)

This is your opinion!
And I'm fine to find one opinion about the policy I suggested....

>  approved, and that's it?

Did you understand this isn't what I wanted?

Les pages de manuel Linux en français
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