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Pino Toscano pino at
Sat Jan 30 23:45:29 GMT 2010


> > No, Pino gave you some ideas and help.
> ONE idea, and no help.

Hey thanks, next time I will not spend my time trying to provide an 
alternative solution...

> > So what's the problem?  We assume when someone posts
> > a question like yours to this mailing list that you are also
> > volunteering to do the work.  So just Do it, then post
> > your patch on
> Are you serious?
> I'm a translator, not a developer...

If you want to expose problems, that's fine.
BUt what Allen told you is that you cannot expect people to magically stand up 
and do the job at any occasion, especially when the issue (like in this case) 
is rather minimal compared to many others.

> <mode language="French">
> Basta !!!
> Ça suffit !

Ranting here will NOT help.

> [ snip French text which I understood, more or less (thanks AV babelfish) ]

So basically you just want your "policy" (which IMHO is just wrong) approved, 
and that's it? Sorry, that's not how things work, especially when the problems 
have solutions than workarounds.

Pino Toscano
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