KGlobalAccel notifications

Michael Jansen kde at
Thu Jan 28 12:00:26 GMT 2010

> I think the danger with global shortcuts is when the user triggers them
> unintentionally. In the case of KMix, having it associating global
> shortcuts to volume up/down and mute keys should not surprise the user.
> Same with a media player associating shortcuts to media keys.
> It is less obvious when other applications start registering shortcuts
> like shift+alt+h or ctrl+k,ctrl+u. In this case I would say it is up to
> the application to ensure that the user can identify the origin of the
> triggered action, for example by showing a time-limited notification.

If you wait for the applications to do the right thing take some books. Just start kopete and press 
Ctrl-Shift-I. Nothing happens. But it is a global shortcut. They have a book and many complains but 
yet they decide to do nothing.


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