Review Request: kio-file: sync file copy to /media/

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Tue Jan 26 11:37:17 GMT 2010

On Monday 25 January 2010 16:39:07 Lubos Lunak wrote:
> I disagree with the patch. Code that does copying should simply copy it. It
> is the responsibility of whatever mounted the device to mount it properly.
> The patch is just a kludge and I don't see why we should intentionally
> make things worse for everybody just because somebody doesn't know how to
> use a removable device.

Actually, the results of Davide's testing suggests that the odds of corruption are 
way more likely that without it. With the sync option, it takes longer to cleanly 
unmount, hence the user has more time to screw up. The numbers look a bit fishy 

I completely agree that this is not something we should do in KDE, it's kernel stuff. 
Besides that, the hardcoded path is a completely no-go.
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