using gettext for .desktop translations

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Jan 6 02:31:13 GMT 2010

Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Currently .desktop translations are kept in-file rather than using
> gettext .po/.mo files as every other translation does.  This adds
> extra complexity to application's translation infrastucture.  Although
> KDE SVN has its own ways of coverting to and back from .po files third
> party apps don't.  It also means distributions can't easily ship
> updated translations.  Both Ubuntu and openSUSE patch KDE and Gnome to
> make them use translations from gettext instead of .desktop files.
> Should we consider changing the way these translations are done?  I
> believe the glib maintainers are looking at this too.

Sorry for the late reply, just now getting around to reading this thread.

Something to consider, though this may or may not be directly relevant: 
right now I believe it is possible to have configuration values per 
language. For example, a date format, or a default color, might be 
language dependent. (While I don't know of any such examples at present, 
it's not an unreasonable scenario.) It would be a shame to lose that 

Otherwise this sounds like a good idea, but what do I know? :-)

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