kmix PulseAudio support

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Wed Jan 6 10:24:04 GMT 2010


After improving Phonon integration I've been digging through the kmix
code to try and add proper PulseAudio support.

I now have a set of patches that add this support and can commit it to
trunk anytime people approve. I'm not 100% sure of trunk status due to
4.4 being ready soon.

So can I commit?

I have two remaining issues that I do not think are show stoppers:
 1. Everytime a new device shows up a new Global Shortcut dialog
appears. I don't think this is any different to ALSA but.... as I now
have per-app volume control, this dialog is also shown everytime a new
application plays sound. It only happens once, but it could still be
considered annoying by some.
 2. If there are no capture streams running at startup the tab for that
will never be displayed - likewise if the stream restore module in PA is
not loaded the "Playback Streams" tab will never be displayed.

I'll work on the latter issue for sure.

Obviously if PA is not running, this whole patchset should amount to a
NOOP. Also even if PA is running you can export
KMIX_PULSEAUDIO_DISABLE=1 to disable the integration.

I'll write a more detailed blog post shortly (wish screenies, so you can
ask about features there!). It should appear on planetkde.

There are various things that could be more efficient (e.g. redraw
current redraws all tabs, not just the one that has changed when a new
application appears or disappears)

Now, I know Helio was quite keen to squeeze this into the 4.4 release.
I've just put it into Mandriva Cooker package for somewhat wider testing
but it seems fine so far.

My main concern with squeezing it in is that there are some i18n changes
(about 5 or 6 strings).

Anyway, that's the crux of it all.

Take care



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