critical regression or misconfiguration? Fallback to hicolor icons does not work

Jonas Bähr jonas.baehr-S0/GAf8tV78 at
Sat Jan 2 22:00:51 GMT 2010


On Mac OS X (1) KDE applications don't find their hicolor icons. The  
reason for this is that there is no "index.theme" inside $PREFIX/share/ 
icons/hicolor. As soon as such a file is added (for testing I've just  
copied Oxygen's and changed the name) the fallback for missing oxygen  
icons work.

The big problem here is that 3rd party applications usually don't  
provide their icons for every possible theme but simply install one  
icon set in hicolor, so *no* application specific icons are shown.  
AFAIK hicolor should be the fallback if an icon is not found in the  
current theme. In addition the oxygen's index.theme claims that it  
inherits hicolor.

It does not matter if the icons are installed into $PREFIX/share/icons/ 
hicolor or $PREFIX/share/apps/<application>/icons. As soon as a  
$PREFIX/share/icons/hicolor/index.theme is installed both location  
work as expected.

Is this a kde bug or do I miss an important dependency which installes  
an icons/hicolor/index.theme?

(1) Using KDE libs and base-runtime 4.3.4 installed via macports. The  
application in question is Krusader from extragear/utils, also  
installed via macports.



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