critical regression or misconfiguration? Fallback to hicolor icons does not work

Pino Toscano pino at
Sat Jan 2 22:17:56 GMT 2010


> On Mac OS X (1) KDE applications don't find their hicolor icons. The
> reason for this is that there is no "index.theme" inside $PREFIX/share/
> icons/hicolor. As soon as such a file is added (for testing I've just
> copied Oxygen's and changed the name) the fallback for missing oxygen
> icons work.

We ship kdebase/runtime/pics/hicolor/index.theme, which is properly installed 
in $PREFIX/share/icons/hicolor.

Otherwise, there's the hicolor-icon-theme[1] definition which 
provides more or less the same file. (This is also what GNU/Linxu distros 
ship, correctly preferring it to our local copy.)

> Is this a kde bug or do I miss an important dependency which installes
> an icons/hicolor/index.theme?
> (1) Using KDE libs and base-runtime 4.3.4 installed via macports. The
> application in question is Krusader from extragear/utils, also
> installed via macports.

It would appear some file not installed in such packages?


Pino Toscano
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