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On Thursday 25 February 2010 05:34:46 Ben Cooksley wrote
> 2010/2/25 Sebastian Wiesner <basti.wiesner at>:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I've written a KDE touchpad configuration and management application
> > called synaptiks.  It provides a touchpad configuration page for system
> > settings and a service, which "manages" the touchpad (switching the
> > touchpad off on keyboard activity or if mouse devices are plugged).
> Sounds awesome, that functionality ( especially the mouse devices
> plugged one ) can be disabled on request right? 

Both features are off by default, and need to be enabled explicitly.  They are 
also independent from each other, so you can just enable the keyboard activity 
feature, and leave the other disabled, and the daemon will only switch off your 
touchpad, while you are typing, but not if you plug a mouse device. 

Moreover, you can also configure synaptiks to ignore certain mouse devices.  If 
such an device is then plugged or unplugged, the touchpad is left in its 
current state.

> Something like this should definitely be included. Possibly you may
> wish to consider integrating it with the Mouse KCM at some point, so
> that both can benefit.

I don't know, whether that is a good idea.  By far not all systems have 
touchpads, and touchpad settings are not really interesting for systems 
without touchpad.  Users might want to remove them from system settings, which 
is not possible, if these settings are integrated into the Mouse KCM.   But 
that's another thing …

Sebastian Wiesner

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