[Kde-games-devel] moved Kajongg from playground to kdereview

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at rohdewald.de
Mon Feb 22 10:56:38 GMT 2010

On Monday 22 February 2010, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas wrote:
> I'm curious, shouldn't pykdeuic4 used instead of pyuic4?
> http://api.kde.org/pykde-4.3-api/designer.html

I just had private mail from Luca Beltrame about this,
he said the same. The real problem was that I
just edited the ui, I should have used the designer.
I use neither pyuic4 nor pykdeuic4. I distribute
the ui files and load them at runtime just like
kdeutils/printer-applet does.

> The .desktop file is not installed. Please add:
> install(FILES kajongg.desktop DESTINATION

done, works here
> About the predefined macro for icon installation, there is
> one: kde4_install_icons(${ICON_INSTALL_DIR})

done, does not work. My src/*.svg are not installed. Where
did I go wrong?

    install(FILES src/tilesetselector.ui 
src/backgroundselector.ui DESTINATION 
    PYKDE4_ADD_EXECUTABLE(kajongg.py kajongg)
    PYKDE4_ADD_EXECUTABLE(kajonggserver.py kajonggserver)
    install(FILES kajongg.desktop DESTINATION 


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