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Sun Feb 21 11:23:41 GMT 2010

On Sunday 21 February 2010, Eike Hein wrote:
> On 2/20/2010 7:46 PM, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > if we were to do this, i think we'd have to be _extremley_ careful
> > in doing so and be very, very sure that konqueror as a file
> > manager is not needed, not least because we said quite openly that
> > we would NOT do this. it would likely be seen as us being sneaky:
> > tell people not to worry, we won't do that thing and then we do
> > it. :/ not very cool.
> I guess my view of the situation is that the people
> who asked us to keep Konqueror around did so out of
> the concern that Dolphin would be a dumbed-down file
> manager without advanced functionality. I think Dol-
> phin's development the past few releases has proven
> those fears unfounded. If the promise was to keep
> offering advanced file management functionality in
> the KDE SC, then I feel that Dolphin makes good on
> that promise to a degree that it frees us up to con-
> sider changing Konqueror in ways not previously an-
> ticipated.

I don't understand your desire for changing Konqueror into a webbrowser-
only application. What you could do is make Konqueror even more 
tweakable with profiles, so that the webbrowsing profile isn't cluttered 
with any cruft it doesn't need. But, pretty please, don't dare to remove 
the filebrowsing capabilities from Konqueror.

Aaron has given a very nice analogy of the futility of your wish a few 
messages ago:
"you can't turn a swiss army knife into a chef's knife. nor would you 
want to. 
you can't turn a chef's knife into a swiss army knife either. nor would 
you want to."

I fully agree with Aaron on this. I don't want a set of chef's knifes 
(each for its special purpose). I need a swiss army knife because of my 
way of working.

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