[Kde-games-devel] moved Kajongg from playground to kdereview

John Tapsell johnflux at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 22:48:40 GMT 2010

On 20 February 2010 21:13, Stefan Majewsky <majewsky at gmx.net> wrote:
> Am Samstag, 20. Februar 2010 21:57:10 schrieb Darío Andrés:
>> I haven't read all your mail but I should ask: - will your application
>> will duplicate too much code/features from the current KMahjongg ?
> I'm only following the discussions on kde-games-devel@ and have not actually
> tried Kajongg, but from what I know: The code duplication is minimal because
> libkmahjongg is reused for the tile rendering etc., and the game itself is
> totally different because KMahjongg is what most people from Europe et al know
> as Mahjongg (the one-player game), while Kajongg is the original four-player
> game.

Sounds pretty cool.

Could the two programs be merged?  So the user just choses the
ruleset.  This is what was done in kpat  (
http://files.myopera.com/it-s/blog/kpat-intro.png ).


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