Rekonq default

Markus kamikazow at
Sat Feb 20 16:59:13 GMT 2010

Am Samstag 20 Februar 2010 17:04:23 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:

> (i also think that "rekonq" should get a slightly less geek-jargon name. =)

Actually a name change is a recurring topic. Personally, I despise the Rekonq 
name, because of its "Reconquista" connection  (as in "Holy war of Christians 
against Muslims" -- not really representing the FOSS spirit...).
That said, a new name is far down the development agenda.

My personal suggestion once was to use the name of some mythological dragon, 
because I find Rekonq's dragon icon so cool. ;-)

Are all those mails any indication that the debaters here will actually help 
Rekonq and/or KDEWebKit?
If yes, help make the final 0.4 release possible very soon, help in the 
kdereview phase and help make it into a proper Extragear application.

If this happens very soon, there is even a chance to make it the default 
browser in openSUSE 11.3 (current default is Firefox with a small helper app 
to make FF use Plasma notifications, KFileDialogs, and the "correct" button 

Then have a look at and help 
implement those features.

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