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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Sat Feb 20 17:38:23 GMT 2010

On February 20, 2010, Markus wrote:
> Are all those mails any indication that the debaters here will actually
> help Rekonq and/or KDEWebKit?

i will not be able to do anything this week (hello, tokamak :), but i would 
like to rewrite the status message thing. it should not be using a 
KPassivePopup (try alt+clicking in a window ;) and it can be a _lot_ sexier as 
an in-window widget (rounded borders, slight translucency, fade in/out anim, 

but honestly, i wouldn't expect too much involvement to come from this thread. 
most people who have weighed in here are already really very busy. getting 
rekonq into extragear sooner rather than later is likely to bring more of 
those kinds of results.

that said, it's kind of an unfortunate time to move it into extragear if the 
git migration for kde continues, as it will mean rekonq moving back to 
gitorious in short order. instead, i'd recommend adding the kde team member 
group to rekonq on gitorious and continue to work on it there.

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