Rekonq default

Anders Lund anders at
Sat Feb 20 15:01:56 GMT 2010

Frank Karlitschek skrev:
> What do you think?

I tried using rekonq some months ago, but gave up again quite fast, mostly 
because it lacks some KHTML killer features: the ability to turn off 
animations, and ad filtering.

Another missing feature in rekonq was java - or is it only secure java? Secure 
java is about the only reason I keep firefox around, having that in a KDE 
browser would be just awsome! (hint hint..)

The rekonq version installed here is lacking support for web shortcuts, that 
is a must for me to accept it as my default browser.

Some shortcuts should be set to common defaults, like F6 to focus the address 
line and select all text there, and ESC to stop loading.

Finally, some form of extension interface is needed, so that extensions can be 

Kind regards,

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