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Sat Feb 20 15:01:11 GMT 2010


On Saturday 20 February 2010 15:43:57 Frank Karlitschek wrote:
> I propose to move rekonq to kdebase and make it the default browser
> for KDE SC 4.5
> konqueror should stay in kdebase for users who like it and want to use it.
> Thats more or less the same strategy we followed when we made dolpin the
> default file manager.
> rekonq has 2 advantages over konqueror:
> 1. userinterface
> the GUI of rekonq is more optimized for webbrowsing. it is simpler and more
> to the point of using the web. But also has advanced features like the
> speed dial or previews for tabs. I think it has a better GUI for most
> users compared with konqueror
> 2. rendering engine
> rekonq is using webkit which renders modern websites better than khtml.
> webkit is moving forward really fast at the moment. It is in fact the
> leading rendering engine if you look at HTML5 compliance or speed. We
> should benefit from that.
> rekonq is nicely integrated in KDE. Examples are kwallet and konqueror
> bookmarks.
> I think KDE SC really needs a state of the art webbrowser. It is
> embarrassing that a lot of distributions ship firefox as default nowadays.
> The rekonq developers are really active and the development speed is
> totally impressive IMHO. I think there are still features missing but
> Rekonq is already better than konqueror IMHO.
> So rekonq is a better browser for 80% of our users and should be default
> therefore.
> What do you think?

I agree with this proposal. Especially the point about the rendering engine is 
the deal breaker for me, WebKit is better at rendering many sites I regulary 

The alternative would be shipping Konqueror with the WebKit part as default. 
But I also think that using rekonq is better: We have a dedicated file 
manager, Dolphin, so we should have a dedicated web browser, by default.

Of course, rekonq needs to go through kdereview as usual.

The rekonq authors need to agree on this move of course.

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