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Andrea Diamantini adjam7 at
Sat Feb 20 19:39:14 GMT 2010

Hi all,
I'm rekonq author and I'd like to share my thoughts and my intentions about.

First of all, I'm planning to move rekonq project rights to kde-developers 
group after 0.4 release.
I should have done it after 0.3 release, but following discussions in kde-scm 
ml, I argued it was "better" to wait. :)
About the code copy in playground.. I'm sorry about that. It is due just to my 
lack of experience with git-svn, some problems with it and with the fact the 
some translators asked me about to start working on it.

About the discussion on rekonq.. I'm really glad (and a bit astonished) of 
this thread. Frank is one of our best fans and he started saying about that
from 0.0.x releases. I cannot believe he really did it!! :D

It's quite obvious from my POV that rekonq is not "ready". While I'm thinking 
this 0.4 release can be really nice for an user searching a lightweight and 
clean browser (trying to be) well integrated with KDE technologies.

About the features to come and the roadmap, please take a look at our (mini) 
page in Techbase (

Designing this app I took some decisions to give it a bit of "personality" (no 
kparts, no menubar & no statusbar, so no xmlgui) and while these decisions may 
lead a bit to a lack of (automatic) integration, I seriously think people like 
us (also) because of these. Maybe I'm wrong, but reading comments and hints 
it's what I argued.
Yes, some people say: I like your app and (spare compliments here) BUT you 
don't have a menubar: YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW KDE HIG. 
I cannot properly reply to this. I just can say: Sure? Chrome hasn't it, 
Windows 7 is removing it. And I really like this way.
Moreover, we worked hard to let our context menus be really "contextual" and 
if I could add a shortcut to activate a kactionmenu (our tools menu) I'll be 
I see some other KDE apps that could follow our "style" (eg: KGet. A download 
manager with a menubar? Really?!? Another example: Dragon player. its settings 
menu is perfect for a "rekonq style" solution.)

Last thing, I never considered to become part of the main KDE branch. But 
thinking a bit about now, I'm a bit worried from the "fixed release times" (My 
English sucks, I know..). The "release early, release often" rule works in a 
fantastic way here. And to be completely honest, I think it can work well 
(read: better) for every app here but the kdelibs + kderuntime + kdebindings 

Andrea Diamantini, adjam
GPG Fingerprint: 57DE 8E32 7D1A 0E16 AA52 59D8 84F9 3ECD DBF9 730F

rekonq project
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