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David Faure faure at
Sat Feb 6 01:13:55 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 02 February 2010, todd rme wrote:
> I fixed the bug with the group headers, and have moved on to this:
> > If you select multiple files of different types, then right-click it
> > will have an "open with default applications" or something like that,
> > and all the files will then be opened with their own default
> > application.  I am aware of the bug where files are often opened in
> > many duplicates of the same program (like pictures with gwenview) and
> > the one where files with different extensions but the same default
> > file handler are not opened by that file handler (this happens with
> > different sorts of text files, like .h and .cpp files).  I would have
> > to fix these bugs first.
> Looking at the code, it is not clear to me that I can fix the issue
> with how applications like gwenview respond to getting multiple files.
>  As best as I can tell each application on its own determines how to
> respond to getting multiple file requests.  If I am right about this,
> the bug will have to be fixed in each application individually, and is
> outside the scope of what I can do.  Does anyone know if this is
> correct?

It is not.
You can find out if an application supports multiple files on the command
line by noticing that it has %U or %F in its Exec line. But you shouldn't
even have to do that, KRun takes care of it. So simply grouping urls by 
mimetype and calling KRun for each set of urls should do the job. I actually
made a similar comment in a somewhat recent dolphin review request
(where this use case was deferred for later, it was about a simpler case).
But it's late and I can't find that review/comment/email anymore; Peter, do you 
remember? ;) (it had more details about the actual code we're talking about)

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