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Perhaps it was this one?

On Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 6:43 AM, David Faure <faure at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 February 2010, todd rme wrote:
>> I fixed the bug with the group headers, and have moved on to this:
>> > If you select multiple files of different types, then right-click it
>> > will have an "open with default applications" or something like that,
>> > and all the files will then be opened with their own default
>> > application.  I am aware of the bug where files are often opened in
>> > many duplicates of the same program (like pictures with gwenview) and
>> > the one where files with different extensions but the same default
>> > file handler are not opened by that file handler (this happens with
>> > different sorts of text files, like .h and .cpp files).  I would have
>> > to fix these bugs first.
>> Looking at the code, it is not clear to me that I can fix the issue
>> with how applications like gwenview respond to getting multiple files.
>>  As best as I can tell each application on its own determines how to
>> respond to getting multiple file requests.  If I am right about this,
>> the bug will have to be fixed in each application individually, and is
>> outside the scope of what I can do.  Does anyone know if this is
>> correct?
> It is not.
> You can find out if an application supports multiple files on the command
> line by noticing that it has %U or %F in its Exec line. But you shouldn't
> even have to do that, KRun takes care of it. So simply grouping urls by
> mimetype and calling KRun for each set of urls should do the job. I actually
> made a similar comment in a somewhat recent dolphin review request
> (where this use case was deferred for later, it was about a simpler case).
> But it's late and I can't find that review/comment/email anymore; Peter, do you
> remember? ;) (it had more details about the actual code we're talking about)
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