Review Request: Fix for naming inconsistency with name suggestion in dolphin

Mark markg85 at
Thu Aug 26 17:24:38 BST 2010

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Review request for Dolphin, kdelibs and David Faure.


I started with this fix because of bug 237022 but it's not fixing that bug. That bug reporter wants a new naming suggestion to look like:

The current behavior is:
"New Folder_1" (a mixture between spaces and underscore)

And this patch makes it look like:
"New Folder 1" (only spaces)

I however am in favor of using a translatable string so the spacer can be changed by those that translate.. That fix would only mean changing:
const QChar spacer(' ');

QString spacer = i18nc("New name suggestion spacer", " ");

The in becomes possible to get suggestions like:
"New_Folder_1" (assuming the "New Folder" name is also changed in the translation files)
It kinda depends on Peter and dfaure which option (translatable or not) is picked.

So, to clarify it. This fix it _not_ fixing bug 237022 but is making it consistent. That bug report (when this patch without translatable line gets accepted) should be closed as "WONTFIX" since it's a special user preference...

This addresses bug 237022.


  /tags/KDE/4.5.0/kdelibs/kio/kio/renamedialog.cpp 1168303 



Made the patch, compiled it and tested it by making new files/folders. It seems to work just fine.



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