[Kde-print-devel] KDE printing development resources (maintainership, mailing lists etc.)

John Layt johnlayt at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 19 20:20:12 BST 2010

On Sunday 18 Apr 2010 01:58:51 Cristian Tibirna wrote:
> I believe this would mean:
> - somebody to take over whatever little activity remained
> OR
> - closing the kde-print and kde-print-devel mailing lists
> - closing (or marking as inactive) the printing.kde.org site
> - locking down the printing products in the bug reporting system
> As I don't have the technical, administrative and moral powers to do this
> by myself, I open the subject for discussion and eventual resolution.
> Thank you for your attention.

There is a very small and very uncoordinated community doing some printing 
work in KDE SC 4:

* There's me who added code to enhance the Qt4 dialog both in KDE and upstream 
in Qt, which I'm maintaining as required.

* There's Jonathan Riddell who added the python print applet and kcm using the 
system-config-printer library as used in Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva and others.  
I think there's another Kubuntu guy too who helps Jonathan?

* And now there's Daniel Nicoletti who's started a new C++ print applet, kcm 
and cups library which he hopes to ship with KDE SC 4.5.

[Aside: Printing BoF at Akademy anyone?]

* Mailing lists.  

We still have valid bko products that default the assignee to the devel list, 
and I do monitor it for bug triage, so I guess I should stick my hand up to do 
the list admin.  I'd prefer not to default the bugs to me as it implies I'm 
already taking care of them, leaving it as the mailing list means it's still 
open for anyone such as bugsquad to triage.

The user list has very little traffic and very little practical use in KDE SC 
4 so can probably be shut down in favour of the other user lists.

* printing.kde.org

The website I think can go.  It's all KDE3 era stuff which will confuse most 
of our current users, and while we still have users who keep KDE3 around just 
for the purposes of printing, we can probably strip the useful stuff for them 
out to techbase and/or userbase.

I see no use in starting a new website for KDE SC 4 printing, the wiki should 
suffice for the little info needed these days.

* bugs.kde.org

I believe the old bko products may already have been locked from reporting new 
bugs, at least for 4.0+ where we now have separate products for the print 
dialog, print applet and kcm.  The print-dialog product by default assigns to 
the kde-print-devel list, but the other products are assigned directly to 
jriddell.  dantti will get to choose where he wants his bugs assigned and 
under what product, depending on how he wants to organise maintainership.

One question I would add is what to do about the 105 KDE3 printing bugs that 
are still open.  These will NEVER be worked on ever again (bar a few useful 
wishes we would re-assign), and to leave them open is just misleading to the 
users.  I vote we close them as Unmaintained with an explanatory note, then 
close the product entirely.

So in short:
* Close kde-print mailing list
* Make me admin for kde-print-devel mailing list
* Archive printing.kde.org after I move any useful material to *base
* Close all KDE3 bugs on bko and close the kdeprint product to new bugs



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