KDE printing development resources (maintainership, mailing lists etc.)

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Sun Apr 18 03:47:32 BST 2010

I did not know that there was (at least a little activity),
in Kde-print but I would like to be able to update
that page.

Some of you know that I'm working on a from
scratch print-manager to replace the python
verisions which has several issues
(including very few activities). The code
already works quite well but now that I decided
to not block UI and use threads I'm having 
some problems. That's why if I could be able
to update the printing.kde.org it would be very

Best, ________________________________
Daniel Nicoletti - KDE Developer
When a wicked man dies, his hope perishes;
all he expected from his power comes to nothing. Prov. 11:7

>Some very long time ago Michael Goffioul, the 
> creator of the KDE-print 
infrastructure and software in KDE-SC-2,3, asked 
> for a replacement maintainer 
and, after a year of fruitless waiting on his 
> part, I took over. That meant:
- kdelibs-kdeprint and kdebase-kdeprint code 
> maintainership,
- printing related bug reports management
- keeping up the 
> relationship with the Free Software printing community
> ymailto="mailto:kde-print at kde.org" 
> href="mailto:kde-print at kde.org">kde-print at kde.org mailing list 
> administration 
- and 
> >http://printing.kde.org web site responsibility.

During my 
> active time, I did very little maintainership (keeping it to bug 
fixes and 
> bug report management and mailing list activity). I worked on 
> links with the larger printing community. I created the kde-print-
> maling list (which has almost no activity presently).

I failed to reserve 
> time for this aspect of my KDE involvement and I failed to 
pursue the 
> passage of the KDE printing infrastructure to KDE4. As a 
consequence, in the 
> last 2 years, my implication with KDE printing was 
naturally reduced to spam 
> control on the mailing lists. The code was moved out 
of the main line and I 
> believe it is due to disappear. My presence in the 
larger printing community 
> also waned after 2008.

I therefore state here that I think there is no 
> more point in me staying with 
the matter and I would be relieved to see this 
> chapter closed.

I believe this would mean:
- somebody to take over 
> whatever little activity remained


- closing the kde-print and 
> kde-print-devel mailing lists
- closing (or marking as inactive) the 
> printing.kde.org site
- locking down the printing products in the bug 
> reporting system

As I don't have the technical, administrative and moral 
> powers to do this by 
myself, I open the subject for discussion and eventual 
> resolution.

Thank you for your attention.

> Tibirna
KDE developer .. 
> href="mailto:tibirna at kde.org">tibirna at kde.org .. 
> href="http://www.kde.org" target=_blank >http://www.kde.org


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