KInfoCenter rewrite in Kdereview

David Hubner hubnerd at
Tue Apr 6 00:07:23 BST 2010


I have mostly finished the new rewrite of kinfocenter. The rewrite was due to a lot of legacy code in the old version, it was going to be more trouble to modify the old code than write new code. 

Some new features of the kinfocenter are:

- Getting some consistency between system settings. 
- Summary page
- removes all legacy code and uses model/view 
- new summary KCM
- Better organisation of the KCM's 
- Export 

There is still a few things to do at the moment, i need to redo some of the documentation as well as write new parts and add Whatsthis information to the KCM's

Some things to take note are:

- The network interfaces viewer is not complete yet, it will appear blank.
- You need trunk due to patches added to solid and KdeUI
- Only summary has export functionality at the moment. It will be added to most of them.
- The tooltips need a little more info. 

Apart from that i feel it is complete. If possible could i get some feedback on what people think? Its in kdereview under kinfocenter2.

David Hubner
IRC: hubnerd
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ICQ: 24308559

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