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Mehrdad Momeny mehrdad.momeny at
Fri Sep 25 08:38:52 BST 2009


Sebastian K?gler wrote:
> Hi Mehrdad, blogilo team :)
> On Thursday 24 September 2009 21:00:44 Mehrdad Momeny wrote:
> > I have moved source and doc of Blogilo into kdereview.
> > 
> > Blogilo is a kde blogging client, based on KBlog library. formerly known
> > as "Bilbo Blogger" Official Website:
> I've not done a code review, but have used blogilo for a couple of days
>  with my  wordpress installation. I've included some observations here, and
>  a couple of questions.
> - in the blogilo I compiled from kdereview, auto configuring mostly works,
>  but  fetching the settings times out. It works fine with bilbo from your
>  git repository (both -stable and mainline).
But it works here as well as Bilbo from git!
Blogilo uses KBlog directly! So you have to update your KBlog from trunk to test it!
I have backport may latest changes on fixes into KBlog recently!

> - fetching the existing blog posts from the server doesn't work here, only
>  posts  added from blogilo show up
> - the medialist only shows media used in this blog entry. It would be
>  useful to have  media already uploaded there as well
That was a way to edit media files properties due we didn't find any way to access them from 

> - The posts are sometimes stripped off of line breaks, this makes it harder
>  to edit  the post in the HTML Editor.
Yes, This happens when use were use Wordpress editor to post, Because wp editor uses line 
break instead of html "br" and "p" tags!
I have added an option for this on advanced page of configs to tell blogilo to change \n to br
And maybe we have to use another way for this!

> - the mechanism of uploading images from file:///... locations works really
>  well. It  would be nice to be able to add images using drag&drop. Dropping
>  an image to the medialist should upload it and copy the URL depending on
>  the setting; dropping an image into the post adds it there.
This would be a good feature for later :)

> - being able to moderate comments would be nice. This would probably
>  require some  additional work, but maybe you already have plans for this?
We have plan for this!

> - the display of entries could be beefed up, maybe using views of the
>  posts? Rich has  written a small class that creates thumbnails from
>  webpages.
> - the toolbar seems to be static. It would be useful to be able to
>  configure the  actions in there using the standard KDE mechanism. (I tried
>  to add an "upload media" button there, but couldn't.)
Oh, help on this problem, I didn't find any doc about having such a toolbar on techbase :(

> - you can get rid of the modal dialog when submitting the post by making
>  the UI  smarter. It basically offers three actions (update existing post,
>  post new, save draft). Offering these actions individually from the UI
>  would be nicer IMO.
We were try to do this before, but there was some problems that we have to check again!

> Overall, I'm rather impressed. Blogilo is a very nice application that adds
>  value and  makes editing blog posts easier. A very promising application,
>  good work :)

> > We prefer to import it into KDE PIM section! because it depends on KBlog
> >  that is a part of kdepimlibs.
> Or maybe extragear/pim (As Stefan notes, kdepimlibs can be required outside
>  of kdepim  as well. That's in fact the whole point of the module. Allen
>  can probably be more specific on where the best place for blogilo is.
Yes, You two are right. My reason is not a good point :D
BTW, Because there was a plan for PIM to have a blog client, and KBlogger development is 
frozen now, This could be a good replacement for it :)

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