[PATCH] Turn Powerdevil suspend notification into a dialog

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Fri Sep 25 01:22:58 BST 2009

Vendredi, le 25 septembre 2009, à 01:49, Matthew Woehlke a écrit:
> Thomas Lübking wrote:
> > Maybe i miss sth. here, but KNotify already supports different levels of
> > annoyance (logging into a file, text message, play sound, run command)
> ...which doesn't help when I want notifications, /except/ while giving a
> presentation.
> I suppose ability to create notification profiles could be another
> solution. However, keep in mind we need something that works with
> gnome/lxde/etc. notifications also.

Something like profiles are definitely something I would like (could be built 
on-top of the (Plasma/Gnome Shell) activities).

I have always imagined that it should be like with a manager and his personal 
assistant/secretary: I would be the manager and some notification handler the 

So the secretary would e.g. tell a device/service which wants to notify me, 
the user:
"No, sorry, Mr. H. P. Printer, $User is currently in a meeting. Please take a 
seat and wait."

And if you come out of your "meeting" profile and switch to your "paper 
work/idle" profile your secretary would have Mr. Printer enter and do a 
dialog with you, unless Mr. Printer did not leave till then, and also give a 
short list of the mails arrived in the meantime. And remind you what the next 
tasks are in your calendar at this occasion.
And similar stories, you might get the idea.

IMHO the real life secretary behaviour could be some useful pattern to reapply 

And while default profiles would be great the user should also be able to 
handle non-default, unpleasant notifications when they appear (more 
elaborated then "[_] Never show again"), like he would tell her secretary "In 
the next three hours notify me about a new email from my girlfriend, even if 
I am in the "movie watching" profile.

Could be some filter system which people could make as complex as they like.

The "Computer suspends 20...19..." notification, well, is that the fire alarm 
the secretary should always yell to you, regardless of your current 
profile? ;)

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