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Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:
> Sorry for late posting, I'm quite behind my mailbox

Hehe, I know that feeling well! :-D

>>  ______                __________
>> /      \              /
>> | X O  | Window Title |
>> |      \______________/
> ok. So: concerning the bottom of the title "tab" they are there.
> Concerning the top of the "tab". There not there, but as far as I can 
> tell oxygen does not round the tabs either where they join the bar of 
> the main widget (which here is, well, this blue frame). Right ?

Actually, no :-). The active tab, the one that is part of the tab box, 
is rounded (admittedly, the radius is rather subtle). The others aren't, 
but they also are independent elements. If the border and caption are 
the same element (same depth) - which I think (and have repeatedly 
stated thusly) they should be - then to be "oxygen" they need rounded 

If you'll pardon my crude attempt at 3D artwork (I, unfortunately, don't 
have any usable CAD software handy), I attached a screenshot of oxygen 
tabs. The top level (the active tab and tab box) you can see is one 
element, and the corners are all rounded. The inactive tabs are below 
that, though still above the background level. Think of them as fully 
rounded (concave), except the back is underneath the active tab layer so 
you don't see those corners. So really, everything is rounded, you just 
don't see every corner due to how the "slabs" are "stacked"

> As for the one in the corners, there are the outer corners, and the 
> inner corners. The outer are rounded. The inner are not. That can be 
> done at the top. That cannot be done at the bottom because the window 
> contents define the corner. Unless you add more pixels to the bottom 
> border, or make the outline thinner. Correct ?

Yes, but making the border not entirely colored solves this neatly. IOW 
for large borders it is doable

On that note... how would you feel making the rounding radius larger for 
larger borders? (For that matter, we need to ask Nuno about this also. 
Probably I will write a mail about border questions to kde-artists so it 
can get separated from the other noise.)

> lip ? I'm confused ...

I'll try to explain better in another mail (probably the one talking 
about borders in general).

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